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Obama, Clinton Getting Credit for Something in Egypt WTF?!

Yes, it seems U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama and Secretary of State of Hillary Clinton had to get credit for something in relation to the recent uprisings in Egypt. Luckily for the two highest-ranking American politicians who repeatedly referred to Mobarak as an ally, it happens to be something that is an essential tool of […]

Arsalan Iftikhar : Fight Ann Coulter NOT South Park

In an editorial for CNN, Arsalan Iftikhar takes both the mainstream media and the ridiculous (New York based) Muslim radicals to task for causing a ludicrous uproar over an episode of South Park. Iftikhar rightly asserts that the media took an inane, baseless empty threat from a U.S. based ‘Muslim Group‘ and turned it into […]

The Jerusalem Post : Financing ‘The Fourth Estate’ Through Fear

Outside a museum with the text of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution was this advertisement on the front page of the Jerusalem Post, a publication that advertises itself as “Israel’s Best-Selling English Daily.” I found the advertisement interesting for the hysteria, speculation, and sensationalism it is meant to create. I was also […]