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America Your Head’s Too Big, امریکا ≠ مصر

Steely blue eyes with no love in them, scan the World, And a humourless smile, with no warmth within, greets the world. And I, I have got nothing, to offer you No–no–no–no–no, just this heart deep and true, which you say you don’t need The Morrissey lyric is completed with the line “Because America, Your […]

‘Our Blood, Our Tears’ DC Protests for Libya

The first protest for Libya I attended outside the White House  tonight had some marked differences from the protests and marches for Egypt in DC. Whereas the protests in DC  for the Egyptian people were much more youth led and driven, the leaders of the protests for Libya seemed to be older than their Egyptian […]

Video : Washingtonians on Afghanistan

A few weeks ago I asked attendees at the screening of a documentary in D.C.’s Capitol Hill neighborhood what they knew about Afghanistan. Their responses both surprised and intrigued me. Using this intrigue as the impetus, I began a video project to ask more people in Washington, D.C. what they knew of about Afghanistan. This […]

Video : Health Care Reform Debate at Capitol Hill Gets Us Harassed by Capitol Hill Police

This evening my cousin and I decided to go watch the Conservatives protesting against the historic Healthcare Reform bill being voted upon by Congress. It was later in the afternoon and the crowd had largely dissipated leaving far fewer than a couple of hundred incensed protesters behind. There were American flags, Gadsden flags, and signs […]

Visual : If Only 100 People Were on Twitter, 20 Dead Accounts

I thought this was really well made visually and said a lot about the utility and importance of a service like Twitter: If the Twitter community was 100 people [Digg]