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Ahmadinejad Named 8th Worst Dictator by Foreign Policy

It doesn‘t make sense, I should fall for the kingcraft of a meritless crown, No, it doesn‘t seem right, To take information, Given at close range, For the gag, And the bind, And the ammunition round and Foreign Policy have compiled a list of the Worst Dictators in the World. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is […]

Foreign Policy Afghanistan #6 Failed State of 2010, Africa Dominates Top 5

In collaboration with the Fund for Peace Foreign Policy Magazine has published their rankings of Failed States in 2010. Foreign Policy uses 12 indicators to define a Failed State, but the recurring factors in many nations in the Top 10 of the rankings are: One of the most common is the loss of physical control […]

Afghan Teenagers Capture REAL Afghanistan

Despite what Liam Fox may think, a series of images captured by Afghan teenagers for Foreign Policy magazine show a youthful, vibrant, beautiful, resilient Afghan culture that is anything but fierce, warring, or trapped in a time long gone. The photos were shot in a partnership between the Marefat High School, just West of Kabul […]

California Afghan-American Professor Proves Liam Fox’s Racist Image of Afghanistan DEAD WRONG

A week ago, Conservative British Defense Secretary, Liam Fox made headlines for his racist statement that Afghanistan is “a 13th–century country,” based on his own incorrect and Orientalist assertions about the ancient nation. Cal State University East Bay President, Dr. Mohammad Qayoumi has taken Fox’s ridiculous assertions to task by showing the world what the […]

Why Do Non-Muslim Liberals Claim Al Qaeda and Taliban Are Islam ‘Sorting Itself Out’

In the past two months, I have found myself in discussion with non-Muslims from prominent Liberal groups (Code Pink, Brave New Films, and Adbusters among them) who argued that the Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorist groups, who have murdered eights times more Muslims than non-Muslims, are somehow just a part of the evolution of Islam. […]