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Karzai & Obama Are Facebook UNoffical

Ricky and Bush are still BFFs, but Karzai is so over Obama: Joe Biden is ‘an annoying jackass:’ Barack Obama‘s Facebook Feed [Slate]

Video : Glenn Beck Thinks Obama is Creating Freeloader Nation

First off, I have always hated the term ‘Progressive,’ so Beck can make of it whatever he wants. However, there is no denying that this rant is ridiculous and meritless. Taking a few soundbites from people and making them out to seem like confused freeloaders doesn’t an argument make. When one woman said that she […]

Note to Gawker : A Person is an AFGHAN, NOT an ‘Afghanistan’

I’m not quite sure what’s more sad, the fact that the young girl died in such a manner or that Gawker editors don’t realize that a single person does not constitute a whole nation? Had they said ‘a young Kabul girl’ or ‘a young Kandahar girl’ or whatever the case may be, it might have […]

Gawker : Obama ‘Far Too Classy’ to Tell Cheney Et Al to Suck It

Speaking of this week’s much talked about arrests of Najibullah Zazi, Mohammed Wali Zazi, and Ahmad Wais Afzali, Gawker refers to it as a major boon for the Obama Administration which has been called ‘soft’ on terrorism by Conservatives since Obama was still a Democratic Presidential nominee. Of course, Gawker, being Gawker implies that it […]

George Bush Didn’t Know Who Sarah Palin Was, Gave Her Five Days for Inexperience to Show

Sometimes even George Bush says things can endear him to us, if only by the most infinitesimal amount. Notice though, that Bush says Palin and co. were not ready for life on the national stage. He doesn’t even bring up her lack of foreign policy experience or understanding of international issues. Bush is pointing out […]