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Name Your Children ‘مصر’ (Egypt) NOT Facebook

Citing its role in the toppling of the brutal 30-year regime of Hosni Mubarak, 20-something Egyptian father Jamal Ibrahim has named his newborn daughter ‘Facebook.’ Mr. Ibrahim is certainly entitled to give his daughter any name he chooses (so long as his wife approves and before the girl herself eventually rebels in angst) , but […]

Wael Ghonim on 60 Minutes ‘All These Regimes Rely on Fear’

Out on the streets Where I grew up (How I got over) First thing they teach you: Not to give a fuck. (How I got over) That type of thinking can’t get you nowhere (How I got over) Someone has to care. (Ya) “The regime are the ones who basically ended themselves“ “If anyone stands […]

Wael Ghonim CNN Interview ‘No Longer The Time to Negotiate’

There’s something really odd about John King saying a month ago Wael Ghonim would have been imprisoned for his statements considering that the American regime has been a 30-year ally of Hosni Mubarak: “We are getting back our country“ “Muslim Brotherhood was not involved at all in the organization of this“

Video : Daily Show on John McCain’s ‘Internet Freedom Act of 2009’

Here is McCain’s statement on the Internet Freedom Act of 2009: “Today I’m pleased to introduce the Internet Freedom Act of 2009 that will keep the Internet free from government control and regulation,” McCain said. “It will allow for continued innovation that will in turn create more high–paying jobs for the millions of Americans who […]

Video : American Ingenuity at Risk in Net Neutrality Debate

Using some of the most influential thinkers behind some of the greatest online innovations in recent years, this video illustrates exactly what is at risk in the Net Neutrality debate – American ingenuity, creativity, opportunity, and success. What each of the people in this video illustrate is that Net Neutrality is much bigger than how […]