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Why Do Non-Muslim Liberals Claim Al Qaeda and Taliban Are Islam ‘Sorting Itself Out’

In the past two months, I have found myself in discussion with non-Muslims from prominent Liberal groups (Code Pink, Brave New Films, and Adbusters among them) who argued that the Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorist groups, who have murdered eights times more Muslims than non-Muslims, are somehow just a part of the evolution of Islam. […]

Video : Taliban “Can’t go Much Further Than Where They Are Now”

Continuing her on-going, excellent coverage of the U.S. Mission in Afghanistan, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour spoke to Georgetown University Assistant Professor, Christine Fair, and Alex Thier, director for Afghanistan and Pakistan at the U.S. Institute of Peace about the practicality of the Afghan government’s proposed negotiations with the Taliban. Fair brought up interesting points in that […]

Saad Mohseni Tweets on Obama Afghanistan Address

Founder of the Moby Media Group, the media company behind Afghan Star and Tolo TV (without a doubt the best of the Afghan Satellite Television stations), Saad Mohseni, took to his Twitter profile tonight to respond to Barack Obama’s Afghanistan address. Below is Mohseni’s Twitter feed from tonight. Like us, Mohseni is fearful of the […]

The Greatest Hits and Misses of Obama’s Afghanistan Address

Speaking at The United States Military Academy at West Point, U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama finally addressed the American people to provide a clear explanation for the United States’ efforts in Afghanistan. Obama also made it a point to remind the American people exactly why the United States is still in Afghanistan 8 years after […]

Full Transcript of Obama’s Afghanistan Address

Good evening. To the United States Corps of Cadets, to the men and women of our armed services, and to my fellow Americans: I want to speak to you tonight about our effort in Afghanistan  the nature of our commitment there, the scope of our interests, and the strategy that my Administration will pursue […]