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Video : Health Care Reform Debate at Capitol Hill Gets Us Harassed by Capitol Hill Police

This evening my cousin and I decided to go watch the Conservatives protesting against the historic Healthcare Reform bill being voted upon by Congress. It was later in the afternoon and the crowd had largely dissipated leaving far fewer than a couple of hundred incensed protesters behind. There were American flags, Gadsden flags, and signs […]

Video : Sarah Palin Supporters Know Nothing About Her

Normally I find these types of videos where a large crowd of people are setup to look like fools ridiculous, especially when the interviewer steps in and starts to feed specific responses to the interviewees, but there is just something about the sheer amount of speculation and buzz words these people spew that boggles my […]

RNC Statement on H.R. 3962

With all the hoopla the Republican National Committee made about their new online efforts, I was unable to find this statement anywhere on their website: “Today with help from their liberal House allies, President Obama and Nancy Pelosi finally got what they have been creating behind closed doors these past months — a government–run health […]

Al Jazeera English Puts Healthcare Bill Into Perspective

Considering H.R. 3962 received 215 NOES, including 39 Democrats, and bans the public options from providing abortion care, actual Health Care Reform may still be an uphill battle in the United States. As Al Jazeera English points out, with the impending midterm elections and the number of seats in the House of Representatives and the […]

Janelle Monae : President ‘Responsible for Helping Pass a Miracle’

The woman who made our Best of 08 list for an open letter to then misguided President George W. Bush is now using her Twitter account to congratulate America’s new President for his recent miraculous feat: