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What Chelsea and Jenna’s Weddings Say About American Partisanship

Thanks to the advent of the new Safari 5 Extension Gallery not only did I know when Chelsea Clinton‘s wedding was, but also that it allegedly cost in the millions. Also thanks to the Safari 5 Extension Gallery I spotted someone on Twitter commenting that the cost differencial between Jenna Bush and Chelsea Clinton’s weddings […]

Clinton to Armenia : Democracy Nothing Without Pluralism

Speaking in the Armenian capital of Yerevan, U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and current U.S. Ambassador Armenia, Marie L. Yovanovitch, spoke about the importance of civil society in democracy formation. Most specifically, Secretary Clinton spoke out against a law that would limit the rollout of digital television and radio throughout Armenia. Under the law, […]

Hillary Clinton : Reducing Settlement Building Not Preferable ‘We Would Like to See Everything Ended Forever’

To counter-act statements she made earlier in the week in praise of Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposed slowing, but not halting altogether of settlement growth, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that the slowing of settlement growth should be seen as a first step. Clinton was careful to say that though the United States would ‘prefer’ […]

Secretary Clinton’s Blunt Words to Pakistan : ‘If You Want to See Your Territory Shrink, That’s Your Choice’

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had very choice words for the people of Pakistan, which seemed to be in direct contrast with the Bush Administration who considered Pakistan an ally after the United States began its mission in Afghanistan in 2001. Clinton held nothing back as she came right out and said that […]

Israeli Government is Like a Bratty Child

You’d think that a nation with a history as contentious as Israel would do anything to please its closest ally – the United States of America – but it turns out you would be sadly mistaken. After 911 then Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, boldly told the United States “Do not try to appease the […]