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Arsalan Iftikhar : Fight Ann Coulter NOT South Park

In an editorial for CNN, Arsalan Iftikhar takes both the mainstream media and the ridiculous (New York based) Muslim radicals to task for causing a ludicrous uproar over an episode of South Park. Iftikhar rightly asserts that the media took an inane, baseless empty threat from a U.S. based ‘Muslim Group‘ and turned it into […]

Video : Ed Koch, U.S. Should Profile ‘Hundreds of Millions’ of Muslim Terrorists

Former New York City Mayor, Ed Koch was on Fox News today where he declared that ‘the vast majority of Muslims…are not terrorists,” thanks for pointing out the obvious Mayor Koch. Unfortunately, your preface becomes almost useless when you say that there are hundreds of millions of Muslims who want to kill any Christian, Hindu, […]

Video : Sheikh Hamza Yusuf ‘The American People are Not the Enemy of Islam’

Before current United States President, Barack Hussein Obama, gave his famous speech at Cairo University, Sheikh Hamza Yousef spoke at the Islamic Society of North America Conference in 2008 where he challenged American Muslims to start treating Christians and Jews as their brothers, hold Muslim governments accountable for their atrocious human rights records, and to […]

M.I.A. Gives Real Time With Bill Maher Audience Sri Lanka 101

I was really glad that Bill Maher didn’t let M.I.A. make her statements based on the assumption that the American audiences had a real sense of where Sri Lanka was, what the civil war was about, and who was involved in it. At the same time, considering Maher’s views of religion, it was very telling […]