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Jay-Z Checks ‘Out of Line’ Lil Mama for Jumping on Stage at VMAs

Jay-Z called into Angie Martinez’s show on Hot 97 in New York City today, where among other things he addressed Lil Mama’s un–needed and uncalled for presence during his performance of Empire State of Mind with Alicia Keys at the 2009 Video Music Awards: “To interrupt that moment for us, I don‘t think that was […] Thinks Jay-Z’s ‘Death of Autotune’ is His Beef With All Things Digital

Jay-Z told Hot 97 that he was not targeting T-Pain, Kanye West, or Lil Wayne for their use of autotune in his track Death of Autone, which to Jody Rosen apparently means that the track is Jay’s public statement against technology in general: In lieu of picking a fight with human beings, Jay–Z disses technology […]

Miss Jones on Why Obama Doesn’t Negate History of Racism

Though the former Hot 97 DJ’s diction may be a little questionable, you can’t hate on the sentiment that has been repeated time and again by intellectuals, cultural critics, and celebrities regarding the impact of Barack Obama’s election on race in the United States of America: I hate the white people that believe that Black […]