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Wael Ghonim CNN Interview ‘No Longer The Time to Negotiate’

There’s something really odd about John King saying a month ago Wael Ghonim would have been imprisoned for his statements considering that the American regime has been a 30-year ally of Hosni Mubarak: “We are getting back our country“ “Muslim Brotherhood was not involved at all in the organization of this“

Hamid Karzai Continues to Sell Out Afghan Women for Votes, New Law Denies Women Food if They Deny Husbands Sex

Despite widespread global and domestic protest, Afghanistan has passed a finalized version of the controversial Article 132 which denies Shi’a women the right to food if they do not give into their husband’s sexual advances. The law also follows the Arab tradition of granting sole legal guardianship of children to the fathers and grandfathers of […]

Declare Independence! Tiananmen Square Massacre 20 Years Later

The Los Angeles Times looks back at the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Masscare of 1989 to ask if the Chinese government’s censorship has kept the youth from knowing the truth of Tiananmen Square, or if the youth of China (like the young people of Iran) are simply apathetic about the events of 20 […]

Jan Jananayagam on Tamil Reconciliation in Sri Lanka

Al Jazeera English’s Riz Khan program discussed the post conflict situation in Sri Lanka and what it will take for a reconciliation among the Sri Lankans and the Tamils. M.I.A. went on to link to the Youtube videos of this episode on her Twitter, as she found herself in awe of Tamils Against Genocide‘s Jan […]

With 17,000 Extra Troops Afghans Still Don’t Feel Secure

Though Barack Obama seems to be making Afghanistan a priority for his administration, unlike his predecessor, many Afghans are still weary of the effectiveness of the 8 year American presence. As Human Rights Watch reported, civilian deaths from U.S. and Nato airstrikes tripled between 2006 and 2007, and according to Al Jazeera English’s Hamish MacDonald, […]