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Despite Rhetoric of Wanting the Best for Afghans Karzai Threatens to Join Taliban

Despite criticisms that negotiating with the Taliban could give the militant insurgent group legitimacy, as well as his own constant assurances that all he wants is what is best for the Afghan people, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has allegedly threatened on more than one occasion to join the murderous, oppressive, militant Taliban insurgency. Unfortunately, Karzai’s […]

General Nicholson : ‘In Counterinsurgency, People are the Prize’

As Afghan President Hamid Karzai has called for an end to raids in Afghan villages, and defiant Marjah residents have accused the West of wreckless endangerment of the Afghan civilian population, Brig. Gen. Larry Nicholson told the Los Angeles Times that he has worked hard to ensure civilian safety in Marjah. If the United States […]

First New U.S. Troops in Afghanistan Warned of ‘More Combat’

Though putting more United States soldiers in greater risk is not desirable by any means, Admiral Mullen’s statements about more combat could be interpreted as a step in the right direction. If the 30,000 additional troops can be put to use for ground combat it could be the key to thwarting air strikes which have […]

BNW on AU Observer Afghanistan Panel

Video : Hamid Karzai on Farid Zakaria GPS, ‘I’m Known for Consensus’

Hamid Karzai says that all parties involved have had made mistakes over the past 8 years and speaks well about wanting to make the best decisions for a nation in the situation that Afghanistan is in, which are all fairly by the book positions for an unpopular President facing charges of illegitimacy at home and […]