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Video : Talibanksy Tags Dollar Signs and Poppies Around Kabul

As M.I.A.’s Paper Planes – a song about hustling as a form of survival in a hostile environment – plays in the background Talibanksy uses guerilla street art to point out the harvesting and trafficking of Opium is funding militants in Afghanistan while bewildered Afghans look on. Amazing. How much, states the video’s title slide […]

Operation Moshtarak to Take Four Months For Completion

As U.S., Afghan, and NATO forces want to ensure that insurgents do not return to Marjah and that an Afghan government presence is established in the town often referred to as a Taliban stronghold, it is estimated that Operation Marjah should take about four months before completion: It will take NATO-led military forces another 25 […]

BNW on AU Observer Afghanistan Panel

Opium From Afghanistan Kills 100,000 People Around the Globe Annually

I suffer from no delusions to say that Afghanistan does not produce Opium, or that it isn’t the largest producer of Opium, but CNN’s verbiage in relation to Afghanistan has been very questionable of late. From their incessant need to constantly restate the word ‘Afghan’ in stories about Najibullah Zazi, to this article’s headline and […]

Former Soldier Bragged About Rape and Murder in Iraq

The tolls of a war fought by an unprepared military facing an unspecified enemy? Government prosecutors in the courtroom said former Private 1st Class Steven Green, alleged ringleader of the slayings, was only interested in killing Iraqis “nonstop” and bragged during a barbecue celebration later that what he had done was “awesome.” Green, 23, is […]