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Wael Ghonim on 60 Minutes ‘All These Regimes Rely on Fear’

Out on the streets Where I grew up (How I got over) First thing they teach you: Not to give a fuck. (How I got over) That type of thinking can’t get you nowhere (How I got over) Someone has to care. (Ya) “The regime are the ones who basically ended themselves“ “If anyone stands […]

Moments in Internet History : Tila Tequila on CNN RSS Feed

No, I don’t support the physical abuse she suffered, that should be fairly apparent by now. But who would have ever thought that Tila Tequila would be mentioned by name on CNN?

Note to Self : Never Use Term ‘Infobahn’ to Refer to Internet

BusinessWeek has posted a list of tech terms you should never use in fear of sounding unhip and out of tune with the times. Of the terms listed the greatest is one that they use as a synonym for ‘World Wide Web’ – ‘Infobahn.’ Seriously, who has ever heard that word before? I don’t know […]

Video : Iran Learning Internet Spying Tactics From ‘Great Firewall’ China

Al Jazeera English looks into Iran’s cyber spying tactics in order to understand to what extent deep packet inspection technologies can be utilized in curbing the uprising among the Iranian people. Al Jazeera also posits that the Iranian government could be learning of advanced Internet spying methods from the Chinese government: “Whatever technology Iran is […]

Rachel Maddow : ‘Professional Journalism is all but Completely Extinguished in Iran Now”

On the same day that Christiane Amanpour referred to the Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Flickr updates from Iran as “speculation,” “guesswork,” and “patchwork,” Rachel Maddow talks about the state of journalism in Iran. In particular, Maddow addresses the lack of official legitimate sources of information in Iran and the Iranian government’s propaganda ploys at trying […]