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Jay-Z on Obama, Kanye, and Herbie Hancock

Aside from having elevated Hip Hop to entirely new levels both on the Billboard Charts and culturally, Jay-Z is also a well spoken man who can offer intelligent insights on issues surrounding Hip Hop, Popular culture, and race. In the February issue of Interview magazine, Jay discusses the now infamous VMA outburst, meeting the current […]

Natalie Portman Listens to ‘Really, Really Obscene Hip-Hop’ Songs, Taking Our Attraction to Astronomical Levels

As far as hipster geek crush objects go, Natalie Portman rates pretty high. Now with this revelation that the soundtrack to her world saving, head shaving, sci-fi saga starring ways are some of the most filthy, misogynistic, obscene, ridiculous, beat-driven singles of the mainstream Hip Hop industry makes her all that much more attractive. It […]

What Did Lindsay Lohan’s Film Education Teach Her About “I Know Who Killed Me?”

Check out snippets of this interview, Lindsay Lohan gave to Lauren Hutton for what is fast becoming one of the best magazines around, Interview: “it’s so impossible for me to actually [go someplace where no one knows me]. When I was in Dubai, there was still press lined up around the hotel. So I find […]

M.I.A. and Kehinde Wiley for Interview Magazine

I finally had a chance to read M.I.A.’s interview of Kehinde Wiley for Interview magazine today. Check out the highlights below. On the state of Art in America: KW: Right, recycling. The recycled object. M: Exactly! I performed at a show at the MoMA. There was this big dinner there, and I was seated in […]