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What ‘Brothers’ Says About Afghans and Americans

Only three days after President Barack Obama announced a 30,000 U.S. troop surge in Afghanistan, Jim Sheridan’s Brothers went into wide release. The story of filial ties tested through loss and shaky reunification boasts an impressive lead cast of some of Hollywood’s brightest young stars Natalie Portman (Grace Cahill), Tobey Maguire (Captain Sam Cahill), and […]

Natalie Portman Listens to ‘Really, Really Obscene Hip-Hop’ Songs, Taking Our Attraction to Astronomical Levels

As far as hipster geek crush objects go, Natalie Portman rates pretty high. Now with this revelation that the soundtrack to her world saving, head shaving, sci-fi saga starring ways are some of the most filthy, misogynistic, obscene, ridiculous, beat-driven singles of the mainstream Hip Hop industry makes her all that much more attractive. It […]

Blame It on The Ego : Jamie Foxx Thinks He is Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson made the music video celebrity cameo famous with the clips for Black Or White, Remember the Time, Jam, and You Rock My World. Now sometimes actor, sometimes recording artist, Jamie Foxx thinks he can do the same with the video for his current single Blame It: It’s a decent attempt, but unless Gyllenhaal […]