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When Did America Become So UN-American

On July 29, 2009, Arizona’s controversial SB1070 went into effect. Though, key language regarding the authority of law officials to check the immigration status of people in Arizona was blocked by United States District Judge Susan Bolton, the fact is that many Americans remain in support of a law that is in direct contrast to […]

Hillary Clinton on Arizona’s SB1070 : Justice Department Will Sue

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton recently appeared on Ecuador’s public service station Ecuador TV (started with funding by the Economic and Social Development Bank of Venezuela), where she was asked about Arizona’s racist SB1070. According to the Secretary of State, the Department of Justice will seek a lawsuit against the state of Arizona’s racist […]

Arizona Governor Expands Racist Legislation to Schools

Jan Brewer, Republican governor of Arizona, has signed a bill that some say is killing ethnic studies in Arizona schools. The news comes only weeks after Brewer signed the controversial SB1070 into Law, an immigration law that many critics point out as being racially motivated with the potential to lead to massive racial profiling within […]

Amendment to Arizona’s SB1070 Immigration Law, Meaningful Change or Lip Service?

Late Friday night, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a Bill that she believes would make the state’s controversial SB1070 Immigration Law less likely to lead to racial profiling. Under the newly amended Law, a suspected illegal immigrant could only be stopped and asked for papers if they are suspected of another infraction. The list of […]

Shakira Mebarak ‘People are People. WITH or Without Documents!”

Shakira Mebarak stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest this morning to talk about the larger societal implications of Arizona’s controversial Immigration Law SB1070. With impassioned prose, Shakira made clear how what may seem like a simple Law in a single State could have disastrous implications for the rest of American (if not global) society. […]