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Proof Abraham Lincoln Would Want me to Have a Mosque Near Ground Zero

When I went back to the Lincoln Memorial last weekend I said that Abraham Lincoln would approve of a Mosque near Ground Zero, and this statement by the 16th President of the United States of America struck a cord with me in relation to the on-going debates about the proposed Cultural Center/Mosque two blocks from […]

Video : Anna Baltzer & Dr. Mustafa Barghouti on Daily Show

In a completely un-edited interview, Anna Baltzer & Dr. Mustafa Barghouti sat down with Jon Stewart to discuss Palestinian-Israeli non-violent cooperation groups and the future of both Israel and occupied Palestine. Stewart did not let down on Baltzer and Dr. Barghouti addressing specifically Palestinian propaganda, Israel as an Arab scape goat, and the the disproportionate […]

The New Sanhedrin : A Jew Selling Land to Arabs is Traitor to Nation and Faith

Obviously such rhetoric runs rampant on both sides of the conflict, but the notion that the selling of land in Israel to an Arab is tantamount to a sin and a betrayal of the nation that would somehow discount them from many Jewish religious activities is what I find to be the most disturbing part […]

Video : ‘Christians United for Israel’ Support Israel to Advance Armageddon

I have always found the Christian ideology that Israel must be preserved, expanded, and supported in order to allow for Jesus Christ to return to be fairly insulting and condescending. Why would any thinking Jews want to ally themselves with people who only support the cause of Israel in so far that it can somehow […]

Jimmy Carter Joins Jewish Rabbis in Solidarity Fasts for Gaza

Aside from the political implications, the inter-faith nature of these solidarity fasts are very good for increasing awareness and building bridges on all sides of the conflict. Part of me is tempted to know how the American public would respond if current United States President Barack Hussein Obama and first lady Michelle Obama were to […]