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Wael Ghonim CNN Interview ‘No Longer The Time to Negotiate’

There’s something really odd about John King saying a month ago Wael Ghonim would have been imprisoned for his statements considering that the American regime has been a 30-year ally of Hosni Mubarak: “We are getting back our country“ “Muslim Brotherhood was not involved at all in the organization of this“

Video : Atia Abawi Asks How Long it Took Obama ‘to Come Back to Afghanistan’

“His foreign policy campaign was about moving the war on terror from Iraq back to here. Back to where it started. But yet this is his first time actually coming to the country, meeting with President Karzai in his own palace.” “The majority of the Afghan people when President Obama was inaugurated were excited, they […]

Transcript of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah on CNN’s State of the Union

On October 25th, 2009, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah spoke to CNN’s John King about the impending run-off election in Afghanistan, perceptions of Hamid Karzai, his take on General McChrystal’s assessment of the situation in Afghanistan, security and transperancy in the embattled nation: KING: We begin this Sunday with a man just about everyone predicts will lose […]

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah Comments on Joining Karzai Administration, Makes Demands of Run-off

With not much time until the November 07 run-off, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has already begun speaking about the logistics of the run-off and chances of him once again serving under a Karzai Administration, should the President be officially re-elected in a legitimate, fair, and transparent election: He won’t join Karzai’s government if the incumbent wins […]