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Keith Olbermann on Stanley McChrystal : “Get the Hell Back to Afghanistan”

CNN has reported that General Stanley McChrystal has submitted his resignation to President Barack Hussein Obama due presumably in large part to the fallout from his highly contentious interview with Rolling Stone magazine. In one of his signature Special Comment segments, Keith Olbermann reminds President Obama that the criticisms lodged military and policy officials under […]

Mike Mullen Quotes Kanye West on Obama’s Facebook Feed

Taking career advice from Bobby Jindal. EPIC FAIL. Complete feed here. And I thought it was all a joke: View thejointstaff’s tweet Rahm’s slur on all God’s children with cognitive and developmental disabilities – and the people who love them – is unacceptable, and it’s heartbreaking. As my friend in North Andover says, “This isn’t […]

McCain and Lieberman, Drones ‘Have Been Very Effective’

Remember when John McCain was running for President and Joe Lieberman for Vice President? These statements should make us all very happy that neither currently occupy any roles in the Executive Branch of the United States government. The United Nations is reporting that the number of civilian casualties in the first six months of 2009 […]

What Oprah Should Have Asked Sarah Palin

In November 2009, the Queen of Talk Shows met the Queen of Excuses for an exclusive interview. Unfortunately, per usual Oprah Winfrey missed several opportunities to truly challenge the statements of a highly controversial guest. There were high hopes for a long–awaited interview that many were unsure would ever come to fruition. The interview the […]

Video : President Palin to Incite Armageddon

Sarah Palin declared President and the United States building an African American History museum same year as the world is supposed to end, sounds about right: