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Keith Olbermann on Stanley McChrystal : “Get the Hell Back to Afghanistan”

CNN has reported that General Stanley McChrystal has submitted his resignation to President Barack Hussein Obama due presumably in large part to the fallout from his highly contentious interview with Rolling Stone magazine. In one of his signature Special Comment segments, Keith Olbermann reminds President Obama that the criticisms lodged military and policy officials under […]

CNN Lowest Rated Prime-Time Cable News

According to an article in the New York Times, CNN, who created the market for Cable news 30 years ago, is now the lowest rated of all four stations in the highly profitable prime-time hours. The Times recognizes that a good amount of the decline may be due to the fact that MSNBC and Fox […]

Slate : Hate Olbermann? Hate Dobbs? Blame Fox News

It’s kind of tragic to think that a media outlet as ridiculous, outlandish, and downright unabashedly biased as Fox News has had such an impact on American mainstream media. It would be foolish to think that Fox’s phenomenal ratings has not influenced the recent flux of opinion-centric news coverage on both sides of the aisle. […]

‘Tomorrow There Will Be Blood’, In Iran

On tonight’s broadcast, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann spoke to Time magazine’s Bobby Ghosh and Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter about the impact of Ayatollah Khamenei’s speech at Friday prayer service on Iranian actions on the ground as well as United States foreign policy. Olbermann, Ghosh, and Alter all seemed to be in agreement that unless they are prepared […]

Keith Olbermann, John McCain, Barack Obama, and Richard Engel on America and Iran

While his colleague, Rachel Maddow is discussing the uses of digital media in what some are calling Iran’s Twitter Revolution, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann focused on the opposing views of how the United States should be reacting to the situation in Iran as presented by the words of current U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, and Obama’s […]