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Video : Bill Maher Attacks Muslim Men’s Treatment of Women With non-Muslim Panel

It seems Bill Maher’s inane, anecdotal, heavy-handed, bigoted, one-sided tirade against religion marches forth. This time, he used the headlines made by the abuse of Lara Logan in Tahrir Square to make a claim that Muslim men by definition treat their women worse than in the West. Following a series of anecdotal accusations and generalizations, […]

Debbie Schlussel on Lara Logan’s Rape : ‘So Sad, Too Bad, Lara’

On February 11, 2011, CBS News reporter Lara Logan was beaten and raped by a crowd in Tahrir Square. For their part, CBS withheld the story for several days, but once the story became public knowledge it was ripe for commentary and ‘analysis.’ Most notably, Conservative ‘political commentator’ (WHY is that still a job?) Debbie […]

Video : Lara Logan Brings Intelligence to Afghanistan Debate

CBS News correspondent Lara Logan was on the Colbert Report earlier this month to speak on Barack Obama’s then newly announced U.S. troop surge in Afghanistan. Logan deflected Colbert’s questions with intelligence that took the simple human elements of daily life and the complexities of the situation in Afghanistan into account. Unlike many pundits speaking […]