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Pop Justice : Punch Chris Brown not Leona Lewis

Pop Justice is taking to the defense of poor, Leona Lewis – who Idolator called ‘excessively inoffensive‘ – and asking its readers to be nice to a pop star today. Of course, if you can’t be nice at least pick a target worth punching like a certain techni–colored internet scourge (again, Idolator‘s brilliant words) or […]

MTV Highlights Choreographers Joining Janet in Michael Jackson Tribute at VMAs

With only a day to go until the 2009 Video Music Awards MTV is really ramping up their promotion of Janet Jackson’s tribute performance to her brother Michael Jackson. The homepage headline promises glimpses into the performance but gives little new information and instead urges everyone to tune in on Sunday night: Details of choreographers […]

United States of Pop 2008 : Viva La Pop

With The United States of Pop 2008, mash-up artist, DJ Earworm took the Top 25 songs of 2008 according to Billboard Magazine, and turned them into an atmospheric meditation on the state of American popular music in a year where despondence and hope came face to face but failed to organize the masses to demand […]

Why Leona, Why?

Leona Lewis managed to take a perfectly good song and turn it into schmaltzy adult contemporary rubbish. Why Leona, why would you do this to people? Couldn’t you leave well enough alone while you counted your millions from your Bleeding Love residuals? If you were gonna do it did you have to do so it […]