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Video : Female Beekeepers of Ghazni, Afghanistan

The voiceover is a little corny and the overall video is definitely a plug for the Thunderbird School of Global Management, but it’s always good to see the stories of the actual people of Afghan people told in Western media. You hear that Todd Pitman? “A leader is someone who is at the service of […]

Video : Jamal Dajani U.S. Hasn’t Learned From Own ‘Mistakes in Iraq’

I don’t know if I agree with Dajani’s statements that unlike in Iraq, the Taliban is embedded in Afghanistan in a more integral manner. The Taliban were a largely Pakistani force created and maintained by Pakistan. The Taliban retain power because of their fear tactics and propaganda, not a true sense of loyalty and connection. […]

Hamid Karzai May NOT Have 50% of Vote After All

Deutsche Welle is reporting that Hamid Karzai may still have a lead over rival Dr. Abdullah Abdullah but is still short of the 51% needed to avoid an October run-off with his closest rival. The biggest issue is still the over 700 complaints that the Electoral Complaints Commission believe are possibly grave enough to alter […]

Link TV’s Comparison of International Media Coverage of Tenth Presidential Election

Link TV examines the coverage of the Iranian Presidential election on state controlled, and foreign television as well as the predominance of support for Mousavi through digital media outlets – namely the Internet and through text messages: “Instead of solving the people‘s problems, the President‘s deputy digs up documents to make something up for this […]