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Lines, Vines, and Trying Times : The Music of 2009

The biggest story in music this year was the death of Michael Joseph Jackson, the Once and Future King of Pop. Moreso than the death of an individual, the King of Pop’s death signified the end of the explosive, border crossing, iconic, truly global megastar. Six months into a year that saw Pop music deep […]

Video : Shakira on Her Hips ‘If They’re Not Moving This is Not Going Anywhere’

It wasn’t the most insightful interview by any means, but it was interesting to hear how Shakira’s parents put her father’s bankruptcy into perspective by taking her to the park where the glue-sniffing orphans hung out. Also, as a entertainment consuming public we must all thank Ms. Mebarak for coming right out and saying that […]

Video : Shakira Mebarak ‘She Wolf’ Live on BBC Radio 1

Shakira singing live in a pair of jeans and a tshirt, doesn’t get much hotter… And now here she is lip synching the much better (lyrically) Spanish version on Cristina:

Video : Shakira ‘She Wolf’ Official Music Video

Add Shakira to the list of people making better dance music than Madonna. In the video, Shakira Mebarak proves that she refuses to be the domesticated girl the world asks her to be. Instead, the imprudent nocturnal creature lurks the night cavorting in dreamy states from one nondescript location to another, each featuring singularly standout […]