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Keep On Watchin’ ‘Til The World Ends : CNN and Al Jazeera English Front Pages Compared

On the front page of the CNN website, April 23, 2011, Lindsay Lohan as “Breaking News:” On the front page of the Al Jazeera English website, April 23, 2011, the Syrian protests: It’s not the fact that Lindsay Lohan made it to the front page of the American CNN site, it’s a legitimate enough story, […]

Steve Jobs Won’t Be Playing Bridge Anytime Soon, Maybe

Today, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced he would be taking a medical leave of absence from the company. As with his 2009 leave of absence, Jobs has appointed Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook to take on the day to day operations of the Cupertino, CA industry giant. In the hours following the announcement, Apple stocks […]

Kanye West is Undoubtably a Mac, but he sure ain’t on Twitter

…a MacBook Air to be precise. Jamie’s tacked on referencing of his “Louis Computer Bag” was laame. Who knew Jamie Foxx was capable of such a perfect ode to digital getdowns? Jamie Foxx featuring Kanye West and The–Dream “Digital Girl” [Mixtape Maestro] In other Kanye West news, he has exposed the Twitter account associated with […]

“I’m Still not A PC”

Remember when Jay-Z lied for HP? Then there was of course his name-checking iChat on 2005’s Anything from the ill-received Kingdom Come album. Red light, TLC / Through the left eye / My POV /On the iChat /How’s that for computer love /She rolled her eyes back Coincidentally enough the song features Pharrell Williams, who […]