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Afghan Olympian Robina Jalali’s Political Hopes

Though never a successful Olympian – she placed in the bottom in Athens and Beijing – 25 year old Robina Jalali’s parliamentary bid in Afghanistan presents an interesting case. On the one hand, her reputation as an Afghan female Olympian amid the Conservativism that has swept post Cold War Afghanistan shows courage amid a sea […]

Mousavi and Malalai Joya (?!) Make Time 100

Time magazine’s list of “100 people who most affect our world,” this year includes notable entries like Banksy, Marc Jacobs, Kathryn Bigelow, Conan O‘Brien and General Stanley McChrystal, but the two most notable entries are Iranian Revolutionary hero and former Presidential candidate Mir–Hossein Mousavi Khameneh and former Afghan Parliamentarian Malalai Joya. Mousavi: The inevitable inclusion […]

Karzai Government Once Again Ignores Women of Afghanistan

As the United Nations and Afghanistan make preparations to negotiate with the Taliban, one group often seen as an after-thought by the Administration of Hamid Karzai once again finds themselves in the periphery: the women of Afghanistan. Hamid Karzai, who had to make it a point to promise more female cabinet members, after his supporters […]

BNW on AU Observer Afghanistan Panel

Video : Malalai Joya on Democracy Now

As stated previously, I do not necessarily agree with much of what Malalai Joya says nor do I agree with her methods, however as also stated previously, Ms. Joya is symbolic of the kind of voices that cannot be silenced if Afghanistan is to ever have a true democracy. Whether this democracy comes organically from […]