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Video : Bill Maher Attacks Muslim Men’s Treatment of Women With non-Muslim Panel

It seems Bill Maher’s inane, anecdotal, heavy-handed, bigoted, one-sided tirade against religion marches forth. This time, he used the headlines made by the abuse of Lara Logan in Tahrir Square to make a claim that Muslim men by definition treat their women worse than in the West. Following a series of anecdotal accusations and generalizations, […]

Video : Jay-Z on Oprah’s Master Class

After breaking through Oprah Winfrey’s Hip Hop ceiling in a 2009 episode that also featured Barbara Streisand, Jay-Z has held Winfrey’s attention. More importantly though, Jay has seemingly earned Winfrey’s respect, as evidenced by his inclusion in her new series Master Class: “Wherever you grow up, it‘s your root. It‘s everything you are.” “The work […]