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Video : Anna Baltzer & Dr. Mustafa Barghouti on Daily Show

In a completely un-edited interview, Anna Baltzer & Dr. Mustafa Barghouti sat down with Jon Stewart to discuss Palestinian-Israeli non-violent cooperation groups and the future of both Israel and occupied Palestine. Stewart did not let down on Baltzer and Dr. Barghouti addressing specifically Palestinian propaganda, Israel as an Arab scape goat, and the the disproportionate […]

Me Thinks CNN Doth Say ‘Afghan’ Too Much

Earlier this evening, the CNN website had an article on Zazi’s refusal to attend a fourth day of FBI questioning that mentioned his race no less than four times within the first few paragraphs and now they are broadcasting Zazi’s race on Twitter. So what exactly is CNN’s obsession with the word ‘Afghan?’ View CNN’s […]

Count Number of Times of CNN Says ‘Afghan’ in Article About Najibullah Zazi

In this story about suspected terrorist Najibullah Zazi CNN uses the term ‘Afghan’ as a qualifier four times in rather quick succession, why? Within the lead of the story it is already stated that Zazi is an Afghan national and Colorado resident, so why does the term Afghan have to be restated several more times […]

Jay-Z on Real Time with Bill Maher

When I first started watching Bill Maher it was shortly after 9/11 during his Politically Incorrect days on ABC. Back then, he was the only media figure who challenged the notions of the Bush regime and had a diverse array of guests on to talk about political and cultural issues from various different stand-points. In […]

Washington Post : Britian Bashing is Iran’s ‘Flavor of the Month’

It’s interesting that Bahrampour points to the dual role of the United States in regards to talks surrounding a nuclear Iran and the unforeseen concessions and charm of now United States President, Barack Hussein Obama, as possible reasons for the Iranian emphasis on the ‘evils’ of the British: Since Iranians took to the streets to […]