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RNC Statement on H.R. 3962

With all the hoopla the Republican National Committee made about their new online efforts, I was unable to find this statement anywhere on their website: “Today with help from their liberal House allies, President Obama and Nancy Pelosi finally got what they have been creating behind closed doors these past months — a government–run health […]

Video : Doctors Discuss Healthcare Reform ‘Seeing Third World Things in My Practice’

“I believe in an America where people shouldn‘t have to decide between paying rent, putting food on the table, and paying for their medications or doctors visits“ “Is that degree of human suffering really what we expect to have in the United States of America in 2009, or 2010 almost? When this country should be […]

Video : John Legend on Anderson Cooper 360 ‘The Opponents of the President’s Agenda WANT This to be a Race War’

I agree with John Legend and Roland Martin that this a tactic used by Obama’s opponents to derail the real issues at hand and to de-legitimize Obama – the mixed-race American man with a Kenyan Muslim father – is the rightful heir to the white man’s Presidential throne in America. I also agree with John […]

Video : Elizabeth Edwards on Healthcare Reform Opponents ‘They Are Trying to Scare You’

On her show tonight, Rachel Maddow played a video montage of several Democratic leaders throughout the years giving impassioned speeches about the desperate need for Healthcare reform in the United States of America. After the montage, Maddow welcomed Elizabeth Edwards who spoke about the pertinence of healthcare reform in the United States and the wholly […]

Former SNL Star Victoria Jackson : “Obama Can Legally Kill Grandmas!”

In a recent raving rant full of thinly veiled racism and classism, former SNL star, and more recent “star” of Celebrity Fit Club (that’s right, that’s where her career is at now), writes of an epiphany she had about the “evil” of United States President, Barack Hussein Obama: Social Security and Medicare are broke. Baby […]