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HBO’s Neda Agha-Soltan Documentary

“The God I worship is a compassionate and loving God” – Neda Agha Soltan “The whole idea with this [Iranian] regime is that because they confiscated religion and turned it into an ideology, they deprived it of everything that makes religion humane…so this government in fact destroyed the religion by claiming it and confiscating it” […]

Picture : Iran’s Green Revolution Knows No Age

Picture of beautiful green Grandmother on Qods day [Twitter]

Video : Quds Day Protests ‘No to Gaza, No to Lebanon. I’m Giving My Life to Iran’

The People of Iran answered Ahmadinejad’s ridiculous stereotypical Muslim claims that all of the Muslim world’s problems are the result of a Zionist plot with this simple chant asking the President and the people of Iran to focus on the massive problems in their own nation first rather than being fooled by Government red herrings […]

Video : Clear Images of Baton Wielding Iranian Police Shooting at Mourners

CBC News Report:

Iranian Police Ignore Islamic Customs and Attack Mourners of Neda Agah Soltan

The head of Tehran’s Revolutionary Guard, Brigadier General Abdollah Araghi, stated that he and his men will fight anyone who tries to ‘fight against the clerical establishment,’ essentially trying to combine politics and religion to make the demands of the masses of Iranians into a crime against the state and the religion. Yet, the Revolutionary […]