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Video : Dr. Ashraf Ghani Corruption ‘Threatening Our Existence as a Nation’

Former Afghan Presidential candidate, Dr. Ashraf Ghani was on CNN with Christiane Amanpour to discuss the prospects of a corruption free Karzai regime. As Dr. Ghani states, the corruption is deeply engrained within the Karzai Administration because as Karzai himself admitted, the governors ministers are appointed by the Presient. Therefore to simply take out or […]

Over 40 Candidates for Afghan Election – Jalali Out, Ashraf Ghani Still In

Today was the deadline for candidates to register for the second Afghan national Presidential election: Forty-four would-be candidates, including two women, had submitted their application forms along with their choices for the two vice president positions, Najafi said. Among those who signed up Friday, some of them arriving just minutes before the 5:00 pm deadline, […]