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The Daily Collegian Doesn’t Know Afghanistan

In his column, On the war in Afghanistan Kevin Gallagher writes with authority on Afghanistan. But a few rather simple mistakes quickly raise doubts about that sense of authority when his most egregious mistakes are also the most basic and common among those who claim expertise on Afghanistan. Gallagher’s most egregious offense is a common […]

Video : Farhad Darya and Ismail Khan Inspire Heratis

CNN’s Atia Abawi spoke to Afghan singer Farhad Darya (who was very active in pushing the youth vote during last year’s Presidential election as well) and warlord/governor Ismail Khan about what has lead to the relative security and development in the province: “They have the potential that can change the life and guarantee peace here, […]

Lion Hearted Girl : Ariana Delawari on Her Type of [Afghan]-American Modern Life

I must become a lion hearted girl, Ready for a fight To Afghan-American singer Ariana Delawari, the job of an artist is to take risks and to stand by their vision, no matter the opposition. Perhaps this is why the girl who grew up in Los Angeles with stories of revolutionary leaders and global politics as Madonna […]

Don’t Call It an Invasion! Afghans Don’t Hate Foreigners

The Washington Post published an article for their weekend edition entitled ‘Five myths about the war in Afghanistan,’ though most of the truth behind most of these myths may be pretty obvious, there is still a large contingent of Americans (including Liberals) who subscribe to these notions. I was extremely glad to see the Washington […]

Video : Karmaloop TV Breaks Down Afghan History, INCREDIBLY WELL

Amazing, detailed, informative breakdown of the history of Afghanistan. Oh yea, also the host is hot. “Our lack of attention again allowed the bearded boys from the Dark Ages to re–assert control and give us a real run for our money. Which they’re still doing today.”