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Video : Adele ‘Rolling in The Deep’ Live

From Pretty Much Amazing to Idolator to Pigeons and Planes, it seems as if everyone is feelin’ Adele’s new single Rolling In The Deep, and with very good reason. Marvel as Adele gives an absolutely effortless but pitch perfect performance of the new single that reminds us of a female version of the greatest selections […]

Video : Madonna Finally Calls Out GaGa for Ridin’ Her Dick on SNL

I’ve been wanting for Madonna to finally call out Lady GaGa for basically imitating everything the Ms. Ciccone has done since the 80s, but definitely not as lamely as this turned out to be. There were some funny lines about ‘What the hell is a disco stick” and GaGa’s response to “What kind of name […]

Popjustice’s Irreverent Intelligence Perfectly Defines Pop Music

Influential and irreverent music Blog, Popjustice perfectly defines Pop music through Twitter: View popjustice’s tweet

Marge Simpson Really Understands Hip Hop

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Re-Discovering the Greatness of Björk’s “Who Is It (Carry My Joy on the Left, Carry My Pain on the Right)”

Listening to the composition of this song – the beats, the effects, the vocals – it becomes quite apparent just how much of a genius Björk is to keep the company she keeps. The composition is something that would not sound out of place on a Neptunes or Timbaland produced track for Kelis (who was […]