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M.I.A. and Hype Williams Discover AOL and Myspace Graphic Design in XXXO Video

One look of M.I.A.’s trippy new video for the single XXXO and you will be transported back in time to 1995 and 2005 when animated gifs, pop-ups, Myspace hoes, and blingees reigned supreme:

Is Google’s Wave The Best Way for REAL People to Communicate?

It has been almost two years since I first signed up for Twitter, though I was not at nearly at the vanguard of what has become the latest Internet craze, I do distinctly remember having people approach to ask me what the “Ali is Twittering…” next to my Facebook status meant. Though I don’t see […]

For Second Day, Tila Tequila on CNN RSS Feed

Let’s see, the second article on CNN’s RSS feed name-checks: Tila Tequila, Twitter, Myspace, MTV and A Shot at Love (as well as its sequel). The power of Internet celebrity and all of the technologies that make it possible at their best:

Moments in Internet History : Tila Tequila on CNN RSS Feed

No, I don’t support the physical abuse she suffered, that should be fairly apparent by now. But who would have ever thought that Tila Tequila would be mentioned by name on CNN?

Robin Skouteris Brings Three Party Starters Together for ‘I Know You Want Love Celebration’

Say what you want about Pitbull and Lady GaGa, but there is little doubt that a track by either one will get your party started. So it only seemed logical that DJ Robin Skouteris would bring them together with the woman who used to turn out dance floor banger after dance floor for ‘I Know […]