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Al Jazeera English Nominated Once Again for International Emmy Awards

Some of the best news coverage in the world is coming from Al Jazeera English and though, American audiences may not fully embrace the channel yet, it is good to see them being recognized for their in-depth coverage of important world issues that other mainstream media stations in America hardly discuss: Al Jazeera English and […]

The Queen of Pop’s Statement About The Once and Future King of Pop

Janet Jackson is grief stricken and devastated at the sudden loss of her brother. She is in pre-production for a movie and is flying immediately to California to be with her family. Dancin‘ in moonlight I know you are free ‘Cause I can see your star Shinin‘ down on me Good times we‘ll share again […]

Video : Woman Recounts June 24 Protests ‘This Was a Massacre’

According to several Twitter updates and official reports from eye witnesses, today’s protests outside the Parliament building in Tehran was among the most bloody with Basiji striking down anyone who crossed their path: “This was exactly a massacre. You should stop this. You should stop this. You should help the people of Iran who demand […]

Al Jazeera English’s Recounting of Thursday’s Mourning Marches

Like other foreign media outlets, Al Jazeera English reporters are not allowed to leave their offices or hotel rooms to cover the protests over the highly contested tenth presidential election in Iran. Instead, the reporters must now rely on the accounts of witnesses at the event for their reporting. However, by the looks of this […]

Twitter Users Make Up For CNN’s Failure in Iranian Election Coverage

Though some of us may have been wishing for the Twitpocalypse‘s arrival, sometimes services like Twitter are able to show their true usefulness in the face of historic circumstances that do not garner the proper coverage from the mainstream Western media. The 10th Iranian Presidential election and its controversial outcome is an event in which […]