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Even With Lowest Sales in Weeks, Michael Jackson’s Number Ones Outsells Competition

Sugarland‘s Billboard 200 Chart Topper: Sugarland takes No. 1 with Live on the Inside, a punnily-titled live CD/DVD that was sold exclusively at Wal–Mart. The number of shoppers who picked it up? Just 76,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Michael Jackson Outsells Competition Yet Again: Michael Jackson’s Number Ones, the greatest-hits set that keeps outperforming the […]

Michael Jackson STILL King of Charts, On Way To Record Breaking Year

Even in his death, Michael Jackson is on his way to setting and breaking a series of records for the year with the continued sales of his back catalog: Continuing to top the charts: For the seventh consecutive week, Michael Jackson has three of the five best–selling albums in the U.S. Number Ones sold 98,000 […]

King of Pop Officially Has Second Best Selling Album of 2009

The Once and Future King of Pop continues his reign at the Top of the Pops, as he is currently perched atop the Billboard charts with the best selling album overall on the Billboard Comprehensive Chart. Michael Joseph Jackson is just under 130,000 copies short of having the best selling album of 2009 so far: […]

King of Pop Reigns Over Pop Charts Once Again

Though his sales may be beginning to dip, the King of Pop has once again regained the title of best selling album in the country after a brief hiatus last week when Daughtry’s Leave This Town managed to outsell the King of Pop by 70,000 copies. This week, the King of Pop has sold 46,000 […]

Michael Jackson Still King of Billboard Charts Overall

After three weeks of outselling all of the new releases, Daughtry has outsold Michael Jackon’s “Number Ones” by over 70,000 copies. Interestingly though, the King of Pop still managed to have three of his albums outsell the album sitting at number on the Billboard Top 200 album charts, Maxwell’s “BLACKsummers’night,” which has shifted 103,000 copies […]