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Robin Thicke : ‘If Hip Hop is Dead, Then Nothing is Living’

In an interview with Idolator, Robin Thicke was asked about the influence of Hip Hop on his new album Sex Therapy. Most notably, Thicke was asked about the state of Hip Hop in a world where its undisputed King is now a 40 year old media mogul and the ringtone rap dominates. Thicke’s response alluded […]

What Oprah Should Have Asked Sarah Palin

In November 2009, the Queen of Talk Shows met the Queen of Excuses for an exclusive interview. Unfortunately, per usual Oprah Winfrey missed several opportunities to truly challenge the statements of a highly controversial guest. There were high hopes for a long–awaited interview that many were unsure would ever come to fruition. The interview the […]

Video : Sarah Palin Finally Tells the Truth

The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien put together the Sarah Palin / Oprah interview we were all hoping for:

Video : President Palin to Incite Armageddon

Sarah Palin declared President and the United States building an African American History museum same year as the world is supposed to end, sounds about right:

The Root on Tyler Perry : ‘How Did We Come to Such a Low Point in Black Entertainment?’

In her aggravated analysis of the success of Tyler Perry, who Spike Lee called out for his ‘coonery and buffoonery‘ previously, Thembi Ford reaches the same frustrating questions as a critic of any mainstream media targeted at minorities would. Why do people still flock to films that do little to challenge the public’s perceptions of […]