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Video : Example ‘Tik Tok’ Live on Radio 1

It seems Radio 1’s Live Lounge has served as a venue for solid proof that Europop > AmeriPop. First Biffy Clyro made us believe in Love Sex and Magic and now Example bring their suave British Hipster sensibilities to Ke$ha’s otherwise filthy anthem for every girl who considers Joe Francis a catch. Also, props to […]

Who Told P. Diddy @Iamdiddy Acid Washed ANYTHING Was a Good Idea?!

Today on his Twitter account, P. Diddy sent out a link to a Youtube video that featured the new looks for the spring/summer ’10 Sean John collection and unfortunately, among some very well made, stylish pieces (along with some very bland designs) were some acid washed / bleached out nightmares. Seriously, who told the Sean […]

World Suddenly Discovers Michael Jackson’s Song Morphine, Calls it Foreshadowing

Michael Jackson released Blood on the Dance Floor : HIStory in the Mix in 1997. The album, including the two stellar tracks Blood on the Dance Floor and Ghost went on to go almost completely un-noticed by American audiences. Now, weeks after his death, the track Morphine has re-surfaced with many people pointing to what […]

Video : Note to Diddy – I Would Give All Your Money to See Michael Jackson and Beyoncé Dancing With Each Other Bey

The ensuing dance must have been one of the greatest pop culture moments in the history of the world. Seriously though, how much would any of us have paid to see Michael Jackson and Beyoncé Knowles dancing with each other at P. Diddy’s white party? Michael Jackson Used Diddy So He Could Dance With Beyonce […]

Rapper Loon Becomes Amir Junaid Muhadith : What is Diddy Doing to His Artists?

What I really appreciate about this interview is that Loon acknowledges that there must be a way to create Hip Hop music that can be a positive influence on people and goes beyond the bling, hoes, cars, Louis Vuitton, and ringtones. Check out Loon’s sincere statements on Hip Hop, Islam, and his rap career below: […]