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Proof Abraham Lincoln Would Want me to Have a Mosque Near Ground Zero

When I went back to the Lincoln Memorial last weekend I said that Abraham Lincoln would approve of a Mosque near Ground Zero, and this statement by the 16th President of the United States of America struck a cord with me in relation to the on-going debates about the proposed Cultural Center/Mosque two blocks from […]

Video : John Legend on Ground Zero Mosque & Rights of Muslims

John Legend, whose joint album with The Roots ‘Wake Up!’ due out September 21, spoke to Hard Knock.TV about the controversy surrounding the alleged Ground Zero Mosque. For Legend, who actually lives in New York City, the debate should center around the rights of Muslims in the United States and not about the acts of […]

When Did America Become So UN-American

On July 29, 2009, Arizona’s controversial SB1070 went into effect. Though, key language regarding the authority of law officials to check the immigration status of people in Arizona was blocked by United States District Judge Susan Bolton, the fact is that many Americans remain in support of a law that is in direct contrast to […]