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Pop Justice : Punch Chris Brown not Leona Lewis

Pop Justice is taking to the defense of poor, Leona Lewis – who Idolator called ‘excessively inoffensive‘ – and asking its readers to be nice to a pop star today. Of course, if you can’t be nice at least pick a target worth punching like a certain techni–colored internet scourge (again, Idolator‘s brilliant words) or […]

Popjustice’s Irreverent Intelligence Perfectly Defines Pop Music

Influential and irreverent music Blog, Popjustice perfectly defines Pop music through Twitter: View popjustice’s tweet

Jay-Z on Real Time with Bill Maher

When I first started watching Bill Maher it was shortly after 9/11 during his Politically Incorrect days on ABC. Back then, he was the only media figure who challenged the notions of the Bush regime and had a diverse array of guests on to talk about political and cultural issues from various different stand-points. In […]

Is Kanye West the New King of Pop? He Seems to Think So.

This is an obvious example of Kanye’s bravado at work, and though he may be correct in asserting that he is one of the few mainstream artists today to consistently sell massive amounts of albums and push the musical button with each release he has yet to have the kind of cultural impact both on […]

The Contrarians – Lupe Fiasco and Kenna Elle Interview

Elle magazine recently interviewed BNW favorites, Lupe Fiasco and Kenna who talked about their mutual admiration for one another, being square pegs in their respective genres, and a challenge Kenna put to Lupe and other friends of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness of the worldwide water crisis: ELLE: From an outside perspective, it seems […]