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Eve Calls Out Chris Brown on Twitter For Beating Up on Rihanna…Maybe?

Eve’s reps are denying that the following Twitter updates are from the Emcee herself, but damn I wish it was true. If nothing else, Eve’s alleged comments would shut up those who called Rihanna out for being the “snitch” in the situation: Eve Spits Twitter Fire Towards Breezy [Bossip] Of course, Eve recently posted a […]

Andy Kellman Creates an Amazing Phrase

The Allmusic Blog’s Andy Kellman ends his review of Ciara’s oft-delayed third album, Fantasy Ride, with this brilliant phrase that sums up much of the mainstream music industry over the past 8 years: “She and her collaborators will have to work extra hard on the next album to ensure that she does not stall in […]

Kanye West is Undoubtably a Mac, but he sure ain’t on Twitter

…a MacBook Air to be precise. Jamie’s tacked on referencing of his “Louis Computer Bag” was laame. Who knew Jamie Foxx was capable of such a perfect ode to digital getdowns? Jamie Foxx featuring Kanye West and The–Dream “Digital Girl” [Mixtape Maestro] In other Kanye West news, he has exposed the Twitter account associated with […]

Letter to Michelle Malkin

Someone brought up Michelle Malkin at work today so I decided to check out her Blog and see what she had to say today. I noticed she had another confused, disparate, and uneducated post about Akon. I really wanted to post a comment on her Blog, but unfortunately it doesn’t allow for such free thought […]