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Video : Bill Maher Attacks Muslim Men’s Treatment of Women With non-Muslim Panel

It seems Bill Maher’s inane, anecdotal, heavy-handed, bigoted, one-sided tirade against religion marches forth. This time, he used the headlines made by the abuse of Lara Logan in Tahrir Square to make a claim that Muslim men by definition treat their women worse than in the West. Following a series of anecdotal accusations and generalizations, […]

Jay-Z on Real Time with Bill Maher

When I first started watching Bill Maher it was shortly after 9/11 during his Politically Incorrect days on ABC. Back then, he was the only media figure who challenged the notions of the Bush regime and had a diverse array of guests on to talk about political and cultural issues from various different stand-points. In […]

M.I.A. Gives Real Time With Bill Maher Audience Sri Lanka 101

I was really glad that Bill Maher didn’t let M.I.A. make her statements based on the assumption that the American audiences had a real sense of where Sri Lanka was, what the civil war was about, and who was involved in it. At the same time, considering Maher’s views of religion, it was very telling […]