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Video : Reverend Al Sharpton and Spike Lee Dancing at Apollo Tribute to Michael Jackson

Spike is good, but the good Reverend definitely proves that he and the Once and Future King of Pop have been friends since their teenage years: Exclusive Video: See Al Sharpton and Spike Lee Dance at Yesterday’s Michael Jackson Tribute [Vulture]

Musicians, Actors, Producers, Politicians Remember Michael Jackson

Everyone from Nia Long, Lupe Fiasco, and Wale all the way down to arguably, the biggest living pop star left in the world now, Britney Spears, have issued heartfelt and powerful statements on the death of Michael Jackson: Nia Long: Michael was a kind soul with endless talent. He was explosive on stage. His songs […]

Al Sharpton Attacks Racist New York Post Cartoon

The Reverend Al Sharpton calls a racist spade a spade by attacking artist Sean Delonas for a cartoon that harkens back to racist tropes of the past: “The cartoon in today‘s New York Post is troubling at best, given the racist attacks throughout history that have made African–Americans synonymous with monkeys,” Sharpton said. Sharpton questioned […]