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Robin Thicke : ‘If Hip Hop is Dead, Then Nothing is Living’

In an interview with Idolator, Robin Thicke was asked about the influence of Hip Hop on his new album Sex Therapy. Most notably, Thicke was asked about the state of Hip Hop in a world where its undisputed King is now a 40 year old media mogul and the ringtone rap dominates. Thicke’s response alluded […]

Video : Jay-Z Continues to Elevate Hip Hop With Superbowl Opener

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Jay-Z and Rihanna opened Super Bowl XLIV big. Joined by the Rutgers Symphony Orchestra, Jay-Z and Rihanna’s new take on the history making The Blueprint 3‘s Run This Town was nothing short of epic and dramatic. In fact, the video won Jay, a Hip Hop artist, the respect of well-trained classical […]

Lines, Vines, and Trying Times : The Music of 2009

The biggest story in music this year was the death of Michael Joseph Jackson, the Once and Future King of Pop. Moreso than the death of an individual, the King of Pop’s death signified the end of the explosive, border crossing, iconic, truly global megastar. Six months into a year that saw Pop music deep […]

2010 Grammy Nominatons, Less Old And Less Interesting Than ’09

Last year’s Grammy nominations seemed to be a step in a direction more reflective of the Pop zeitgeist (don’t believe us, check out what Pitchfork had to say) but was ultimately plagued by the presence of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. This year, for the first time in seemingly forever, the Grammy nominations are not […]

Discipline and Punish : The Crime of Kanye West

I don’t think Kanye was justified in his action, then again, neither does he, but isn’t this the kind of thing we have come to expect from a character like Kanye West? Good or bad, you can’t say that this was entirely unexpected. It still doesn’t make it right, but it definitely was not unexpected. […]