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BNW on AU Observer Afghanistan Panel

Video : Malalai Joya on Democracy Now

As stated previously, I do not necessarily agree with much of what Malalai Joya says nor do I agree with her methods, however as also stated previously, Ms. Joya is symbolic of the kind of voices that cannot be silenced if Afghanistan is to ever have a true democracy. Whether this democracy comes organically from […]

Dr. Abdullah on Karzai’s Second Term ‘Without the People’s Support’

At a press conference today, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah spoke out on Hamid Karzai’s second term as President of Afghanistan. At the press conference, Dr. Abdullah continued to call out the IEC for their pro-Karzai stance and stated that Karzai’s second term in office comes without the support of the Afghan people: “This decision does not […]

Video : Dr. Abdullah Supporters on Election Outcome, Karzai ‘Stole’ Presidency

“The first thing Karzai must do is to clamp down on corruption, restore security and provide jobs for people“

Karzai and Taliban on Afghan Election Outcome

Hamid Karzai gave a speech today in Kabul about his second term in office as President of Afghanistan: “I would also call to the Taliban to … join the government … with respect to the Afghan constitution.” “To make sure that the taxpayers‘ money coming to us from your countries is spent wisely and rightly, […]