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The Greatest Hits [And Misses] of ‘The Great Game : Afghanistan’

The Washington City Paper calls Tricycle Theatre’s production of The Great Game : Afghanistan “cynical” with an “uneven” result, but what reviewer Tracey Graham seems to miss is that this is a largely faithful retelling of the story of conflict in Afghanistan (if not its culture). Cynicism and confusion, are unfortunately, central parts of that […]

Gorbachev : In Russian ‘Best Interest to Counter’ Afghan Threats

Former leader of the Soviet Union (and one time Louis Vuitton coverboy), Mikhail Gorbachev published an Op/Ed in the February 04, 2010 issue of the New York Times. In it, Gorbachev details U.S., Soviet and Pakistani involvement in Afghanistan since the 1979 Soviet invasion of the Central Asian nation. The justification Gorbachev attributes to the […]

Video : Sarah Palin Supporters Know Nothing About Her

Normally I find these types of videos where a large crowd of people are setup to look like fools ridiculous, especially when the interviewer steps in and starts to feed specific responses to the interviewees, but there is just something about the sheer amount of speculation and buzz words these people spew that boggles my […]

BNW on AU Observer Afghanistan Panel

Video : Glenn Greenwald OWNS Arianna Huffington

Arianna’s statements about Israel’s existential rights and the Iranian President’s statements referring to that don’t really adequately answer Greenwald’s statements or Dylan Ratigan’s question. Her statements do very little to try and strike that balance that Ratigan refers to in his question, in fact, it is just more of the standard political rhetoric that the […]