Posts Tagged ‘Saad Mohseni’ Don’t Fire McChrystal, Blame It On The A-A-Alcohol [AND Ash]

Like Keith Olbermann and the Moby Media Group’s Saad Mohseni, Slate’s John Dickerson believes Obama’s firing (or accepting the resignation) of General Stanley McChrystal is ill-advised. Like Saad Mohseni, Dickerson points out that the United States’ Afghanistan strategy is essentially Stanley McChrystal’s Afghanistan strategy and that the General is one of the few American officials […]

Saad Mohseni on McChrystal Resignation : ‘Big Loss for’ Afghanistan

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Afghan media mogul Saad Mohseni reminds the world of Hamid Karzai and McChrystal’s closeness, something the Afghan President does not share with either Richard Holbrooke (who purportedly got into a screaming match with the Afghan President following the nation’s fraudulent Presidential election) or Karl Aikenberry (both of whom […]

Video : Saad Mohseni on Rachel Maddow Show

Rachel Maddow began the segment of tonight’s show by stating how much she had been waiting to speak to Saad Mohseni and ended the interviewing by saying how incredible Mr. Mohseni and his family’s success was, how it said so much about Afghanistan as a nation and yet the interview was completely dull and uneventful: […]

Afghan Parliament ‘Want Real Change’ in Nation’s Governance

According to reports from the Washington Post , the Afghan Parliament’s decision to reject over 70% of President Hamid Karzai’s originally proposed cabinet is a sign of a shifting tide in Afghanistan. Perhaps as the international community begun to question the legitimacy and effectiveness of Hamid Karzai in the lead-up to (as well as after) […]

Saad Mohseni Tweets on Obama Afghanistan Address

Founder of the Moby Media Group, the media company behind Afghan Star and Tolo TV (without a doubt the best of the Afghan Satellite Television stations), Saad Mohseni, took to his Twitter profile tonight to respond to Barack Obama’s Afghanistan address. Below is Mohseni’s Twitter feed from tonight. Like us, Mohseni is fearful of the […]