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Eclectic Method’s Quentin Tarantino Mash-Up : Totally META

Eclectic Method is Jonny Wilson, Ian Edgar, and Geoff Gamlen: Eclectic Method – featuring London natives Jonny Wilson, Ian Edgar and Geoff Gamlen – helped pioneer the emerging art of audio-visual mixing since first cutting U2’s Mysterious Ways music video with the Beastie Boys’ Intergalactic as an experiment back in 2002. The trio’s audio-visual mash-ups […]

Blame It on The Ego : Jamie Foxx Thinks He is Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson made the music video celebrity cameo famous with the clips for Black Or White, Remember the Time, Jam, and You Rock My World. Now sometimes actor, sometimes recording artist, Jamie Foxx thinks he can do the same with the video for his current single Blame It: It’s a decent attempt, but unless Gyllenhaal […]