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Video : We Tire of Lady GaGa’s ‘Pop Cultural Performance Art Quality’

Just when GaGa’s whole schtick about being a thinking yet cooky, holier than thou pop star begins to become unfathomable she finds a way to say something really smart and save herself at the last minute: “If I was a guy and I was sitting here with a cigarette in my hand, grabbing my crotch […]

Don’t Ask Mayor Bloomberg or Lady GaGa Stupid Questions

By the looks of this video, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is looking to extend Mayoral term limits in New York City is far too rich and far too powerful to be asked “stupid” questions by journalists at a press conference in Queens. Oh well, anything’s better than Giuliani Fortunately for us, Lady GaGa has a […]

Kid CuDi Makes Greatest Safe Sex Ad.

I agree with Quddus in that CuDi should be hired to film a safe sex advertisement as he just created one of Hip Hop’s greatest statements on sexual health since Salt N Pepa: Kid Cudi talks sex [The Q Side]

Meghan McCain on Bristol Palin and Why Abstinence Isn’t Always the Answer

I think the spate of forward thinking (for a Conservative anyway), challenging statements made by Meghan McCain recently proves that Politicians and Political parties pay little attention to engaging the youth, unless of course, those kids are ardently hugging trees or blaming “illegal aliens” for the Swine Flu. Neither party is willing to put in […]